Hi, I'm Nathaniel!

My mission is to enhance human creativity with the help of computers.

I’m currently doing a Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Southern California, concentrating in Data Science. Outside of academia, I enjoy exercise, music, art, and reading. Technology has opened up worlds of experience for me, and my dream is to show others what I have seen.

Recently, I have been finding tremendous purpose in exploring the landscape that exists within my human form. Every day is a new opportunity for life to blossom. I do not worry about demise, as it has already been written. I play dumb. Until my dream becomes reality, I eat my day one step at a time.

Today, computers are faster and smarter than ever. We are on the verge of a radical shift in evolution. As technology grows, we become increasingly responsible for teaching computers as we would teach a friend. This is our human legacy. Welcome to the new era.

Learn. Love. Create.




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