Hi, I'm Nathaniel!

I am a creator across many disciplines.

My primary creative medium is computer music. Over the years, I have cultivated an understanding of both computers and music, listening to the works of great musicians and reading about the techniques of great music technologists. With more than a decade of experimentation in the field, I have spent countless hours studying functional programming, data structures, concurrency, and artificial intelligence through the lens of computer music, and it is on the back of these learnings that I build my magnum opus.

More recently, I have taken a liking to blockchain technology and its potential for creating real consensus in large populations. Though no system is perfect, blockchain technology presents an opportunity to completely defer trust to the level of code so long as one participates in securing the network. Furthermore, state-of-the-art cryptographic methods provide new modalities for creative and social computing, which—much to my delight—are paving the way for a renaissance of computer art.

The remainder of my interests span across the areas of computer graphics, philosophy, mathematics, movement, fashion, and much more. At the moment, I am especially interested in type theory and theories of motivation, as they each delineate boundaries of the natural world that orient the individual towards a rational understanding of existence and causality.

I work hard to build tools that allow people to explore these topics, and my hope is that the world will find my constructions and, upon engaging with them, develop their own ways of seeing and their own ways of doing.




All content on this website is licensed by me under CC BY-NC 4.0.


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